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Epping Road Veterinary Hospital is proud to be a privately owned veterinary hospital. We focus on the care of dogs and cats in Exeter, NH and surrounding areas. Our team is dedicated to providing our patients with individualized, fear free care, in collaboration with their human caregivers.


"Happy loves Epping Rd Vet! They’re always so friendly, knowledgeable and happy to see her. They’re always ready to answer any questions, no matter how silly, and treat every animal with the best care!"

Alycia L.

Hopital Story

Our Story

"We view our relationship with our clients as a partnership. We're dedicated to building lasting relationships with our pet families." 

Dr. Jennifer Cornell and Dr. Dianne Carey

Practice Owners, Epping Road Veterinary Hospital

Meet Dr. Jennifer Cornell and Dr. Dianne Carey, the minds behind Epping Road Veterinary Hospital. A shared dream of creating a veterinary space where comprehensive, compassionate, individualized care would be the standard brought Dr. Cornell and Dr. Carey together. In 2016 they opened Epping Road Veterinary Hospital! Years later, Epping Road Veterinary Hospital remains a family-owned practice with Dr. Cornell and Dr. Carey at the helm, both deeply dedicated to their patients and clients. They strive to honor the human-animal bond by providing collaborative veterinary care that incorporates their clients as much as it does their patients.  

Practice owners, Dr. Jennifer Cornell and Dr. Dianne Carey, in-action with their patients 

Dr. Cornell and Dr. Carey invite you to join our community of pet families!

"I recently moved back to Nh and needed to find a new vet for my two kitties. Since becoming a new patient with Epping road vet I have been blessed and so appreciative that they care about my cats just as much as I do."

Mariah L.


Tour Our Hospital

Our Building

Welcome to Epping Road Veterinary Hospital! When you arrive to our hospital you will be greeted by beautiful grounds, intentionally cared for to provide you and your pets with an uplifting backdrop for your veterinary experience. Our large parking lot provides plenty of parking and a handicap accessible ramp leads you to our entrance. Inside, you'll be met with homey decor, a surplus of pet art and smiling faces ready to welcome you to the ERVH family!


Not Shown: your home!

As part of our mission to provide accessible, fear free care to our patients and clients, we offer house calls! If your pet has a severe level of fear when going to veterinary facilities, or you are unable to transport your pets to their veterinary appointments, book a house call!

We offer house calls on select days, on a first-come first-serve basis. Call our hospital to discuss our upcoming house call availability.

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