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Two vet techs at Epping Road Veterinary Hospital are hugging, laughing and smiling at the camera


"The staff and doctors are very helpful and friendly. They explain everything so you understand and will answer every question you have."

- Timothy, Google

Experienced. Dedicated. Compassionate. 

Our team is comprised of devoted animal advocates that prioritize the physical and emotional well-being of every patient we care for. We treat each patient with the respect, compassion and attentiveness that we offer our own beloved pets. Each member of our team brings a unique professional background to our hospital, resulting in a versatile, knowledgeable team ready to think outside the box on behalf of providing your pet with the best care possible. 

Get To Know Team

Meet the Minds Behind

Epping Road Veterinary Hospital

Dr. Dianne Carey & Dr. Jennifer Cornell

Founders and Owners of Epping Road Veterinary Hospital

Dr. Cornell and Dr. Carey met as associate veterinarians working alongside one another at a small animal hospital in Manchester, New Hampshire. They were drawn together by their exceptionally high standards of care, sharing a deep commitment to bettering the lives of companion animals through quality veterinary care. With time they realized they also shared a dream of providing that high level of care in a practice of their own, and in 2016 that dream became a reality as Dr. Cornell and Dr. Carey opened the doors of Epping Road Veterinary Hospital. Together they created a practice where veterinary medicine is seen as a true partnership between provider, client and patient, honoring the human-animal bond through compassion, collaboration and education. Here at Epping Road Veterinary Hospital, Dr. Cornell and Dr. Carey strive to empower their clients with information, options and resources that stretch far beyond the walls of our exam rooms. They also work hard to empower their patients by offering them agency through a fear free experience that respects the individual boundaries of each patient seen. Dr. Cornell and Dr. Carey bring you and your pets over 50 years of combined clinical experience, offering a uniquely informed veterinary care service. 

Owners of Epping Road Vet are hugging, laughing and smiling at the camera at a local Exeter NH restaurant

Jennifer Cornell, DVM

Practice Owner, Veterinarian

Dr. Cornell's veterinary career began at Washington State University, where she graduated with her doctorate in veterinary medicine. After graduating, Dr. Cornell entered into the veterinary workforce as an officer in the United States Army Veterinary Corps! Following her time in the army, Dr. Cornell moved on to her first small animal practice, caring for the dogs and cats of Spokane, Washington. Eventually the pull to return to her New England roots brought her back to the east coast in 2004, at which time she joined a large, multi-doctor practice providing cutting-edge veterinary medicine to the Manchester community. It was at this practice that she met Dr. Carey and their dream of opening a practice together was born!

Dr. Cornell enjoys many aspects of veterinary medicine, but has a particular professional passion for pain-management, internal medicine and geriatric care, as well as fear-free handling and client communication. Dr. Cornell's 20+ years of clinical experience practicing veterinary medicine across such diverse settings has given her a uniquely informed perspective of pet health care and she looks forward to sharing this with you. She views veterinary medicine as a true partnership between provider and family, and strives to create a collaborative experience for all her patients and clients. 

When she isn't caring for the dogs and cats of the Exeter community, Dr. Cornell can be found exploring beautiful New Hampshire from her kayak, gardening in her backyard or traveling - camera in hand - with her husband, Brant.

Pet Family: Stella the rambunctious kitty and Etta the refined pug

Veterinary Superpower: Surprising the team with special mood-boosting food treats at the MOST perfect times

Outdoor headshot of doctor Jennifer Cornell standing in front of green trees

Dianne Carey, DVM

Practice Owner, Veterinarian

Dr. Carey began her veterinary career at The Ohio State University, where she graduated with her doctorate in veterinary medicine. Following graduation Dr. Carey returned to her home state of New Hampshire to enter into the veterinary workforce, where she spent several years practicing small animal medicine in large, multi-doctor practices across New Hampshire. Throughout these years practicing as an associate veterinarian, Dr. Carey managed diverse caseloads that cultivated her now seasoned skillset across many areas of veterinary medicine. And it was during Dr. Carey's time as an associate veterinarian at a Manchester hospital that she met Dr. Cornell and their shared dream of opening a private practice together began!

While she is passionate about many areas of veterinary medicine, Dr. Carey has a particular affinity for geriatric care. As her own pets reached their senior years, a special place in her heart developed for meeting the unique needs of elderly pets. Dr. Carey also enjoys dentistry, preventative care, internal medicine, surgery, behavioral health and client education. Dr. Carey is deeply dedicated to improving the lives of companion animals through quality veterinary medicine and looks forward to collaborating with you on behalf of your furry family members. 

When she isn't hands on with patients adding to her 20+ years of clinical veterinary experience, Dr. Carey can be found spending time with her husband and two sons, camping, cooking or visiting local schools offering school-aged children an introduction to the veterinary field.

Pet Family: Marley the cuddliest kitty and Eddie the perfect pup

Veterinary Superpower: Casually whipping up nutritional calorie counts for patients in mere seconds like it's nothing!

An outdoor headshot of doctor Dianne Carey standing in front of trees
An outdoor headshot of practice manager Lauren standing in front of trees


Practice Manager

Say hello to Lauren, our practice manager. Lauren joined our team in 2023 and comes to us with a wonderfully diverse veterinary background, including experience in private practice, shelter medicine, wildlife, and agriculture. Lauren's love and interest for animals began at a young age, having been surrounded by animals of all kinds since she can remember. Over the years Lauren developed a profound passion for understanding the behavior, nutrition and enrichment needs of animals - recognizing the intricate connections between these different spheres. Lauren loves combining her passion for animals with her love for people as a practice manager, and can't wait to meet you and your pets! When Lauren is not at work you can find her seeking new adventures with her sweet pup, Anna. Lauren and Anna especially love to explore various training and canine sport activities together, including agility and dock diving. Lauren is currently enrolled in a UNH Agricultural Extension program with hopes to start more adventures in 2024!

Pet Family: Anna the pitbull and Razzle Dazzle the calico kitty

Veterinary Superpower: Being the most versatile practice manager around - from business analytics to clinical skills, Lauren has it covered!

Headshot of staff member Liz, smiling sitting at her desk


Client Care Coordinator

Liz grew up on the Northshore of Massachusetts. She graduated from Northshore Community College with an Associates degree in Veterinary Technology, but ended up exploring other industries prior to starting her career in veterinary medicine. Several years ago she decided to rejoin the veterinary field and hasn't looked back since! Liz has an affinity for client customer service, and is truly passionate about creating a wonderful experience for pet parents as they're seeking veterinary care for their furry loved ones. Liz currently has two dogs, a Boston Terrier named Leroy Brown and a Husky mix named Tucker. When Liz isn't at work, she can be found cooking, taking long rides in her husband's classic mustang and kayaking the lakes of New Hampshire.

Pet Family: Leroy Brown the Boston Terrier and Tucker the Husky Mix

Veterinary Superpower: Being able to somehow answer 40 phone calls at once - seamlessly!



Client Care Representative

Elie has a passion for helping animals and the humans who love them! Elie originally moved to America when she was 6 years old and has been exploring a career in animal care ever since! Elie has worked with animals in many diverse settings, each providing her with a unique set of experiences.  She is always looking to grow and she loves to learn more about every aspect of veterinary medicine!  Elie lives in New Hampshire with her boyfriend and his son. When not busy at work, Elie is out playing in the wilderness of New Hampshire and Maine with family and friends.

Pet Family: Elie plans to add a kitty to her family soon! Until then, all our patients are Elie's surrogate pets!

Veterinary Superpower: Finding and creating humor when needed the most 



Veterinary Technician

You wouldn't know it now, but growing up Arianna was quite shy around dogs, as all she had for pets as a young girl were fish. After getting her dog Diamond in High School however, Arianna began to understand and love the canine species. She studied Animal Science at Pinkerton Academy and with this foundation, she went onto the Thompson School of Applied Sciences at the University of New Hampshire where she obtained her degree in Veterinary Technology. Arianna has been working in the field now for over three years and her passion only continues to grow.  She loves seeing patients make transformations towards health, advocating for them every step of the way. When she isn't busy helping a patient or supporting a client, Arianna enjoys playing outside or being at the gym. You can find her kayaking, hiking, snow shoeing, weight lifting, playing indoor soccer or just spending time with friends, family, her cute bunny Luke and beautiful Shepherd mix Finley.

Pet Family: Finley the Shepherd and Luke the bunny

Veterinary Superpower: Being able to answer any and every question that arises throughout the day

andrea at desk.jpg


Client Care Representative & Veterinary Technician

Andrea has experience in many areas of veterinary medicine and has now worked in the field for many years. She is interested in just about every facet of a veterinary hospital, with a particular draw to customer service! You will frequently be greeted by Andrea's warm smile at the front desk, or will hear her helpful voice on the other end of the phone. When not at work, she enjoys all things old and antique shops, spending time with her family, caring for her menagerie of pets, exploring her creativity with home decorating and gardening.

Pet Family: Simply too many to list!

Veterinary Superpower: Quietly taking care of ALL the details in the background



Veterinary Technician

Oliva graduated from Endicott College with a bachelors in Environmental Science. She has have been working in the veterinary field for almost 5 years now and has gained experience with not only dogs and cats, but also some farm animals and rodents! Additionally, she loves to help out at her local wildlife rescue. She grew up with dogs, cats, and riding horses! Her favorite parts of veterinary medicine are surgery and connecting with pet parents. Outside of work, Olivia enjoys spending time outdoors with her two dogs, practicing beekeeping, cuddling with her two cats, or traveling!

Pet Family: Sam the Pitbull, Charlie the chihuahua, and Sedona and Monty the tabby cats

Veterinary Superpower: Stay tuned!



Veterinary Technician

Carly has been passionately working as an animal welfare professional for many years, in both veterinary and animal shelter settings. Carly specializes in behavior and keeps the comfort of every animal she works with at the forefront of her handling techniques, believing strongly that the emotional well-being of our pets is a top priority. She is a certified Fear Free Veterinary Professional and a graduate of the Fear Free Shelter Program. Throughout her career in the animal world, Carly has come to love and prioritize client education, and is always excited and ready to answer the many questions that pop up throughout pet parenthood. When Carly is not working, you can usually find her either on her yoga mat or outdoors adventuring with her boyfriend and their dog, Drax. Carly can't wait to meet you and your pets, and looks forward to supporting you through pet parenthood!

Pet Family: A black lab named Drax and an ever-changing crew of adoptable foster animals

Veterinary Superpower: Moonlighting as the hospital's distributor of high value treats



Veterinary Technician

JM’S favorite thing about veterinary medicine is that there is always an opportunity to learn more! JM is particularly passionate about continuing education surrounding diseases and how they affect companion animals. She is also passionate about calming stressed animals, assisting with appointments and surgery when needed.  Outside of work she loves to be outdoors and will often hike, mountain bike and paddleboard. She is a registered yoga teacher and is Wilderness First Aid certified! She shares many of her adventures with her 2 teenagers, playing with her two Australian Shepherds, Smutty Nose and Maple. JM also enjoys spending time with her two parakeets, Glacier & Goose!

Pet Family: Maple and Smutty Nose the australian shepherds

Veterinary Superpower: Making the BEST bandage art!



Veterinary Technician

Cat has lived in Southern New Hampshire almost her entire life, but she is originally from Daytona Beach Florida. She has been a veterinary technician since 2017, after graduating from the University of New Hampshire veterinary technician program in 2016. Cat joined our hospital in December of 2022, and each day she strives to make a connection with every client she meets and works to provide the best possible care for every patient she treats. In her spare time, Cat enjoys taking her dog Max for walks and adventures with her Fiancé Jay. She also enjoys listening to true crime podcasts, doing diamond paintings, playing video games and spending time with friends and family.

Pet Family: Max the chocolate lab

Veterinary Superpower: Keeping a positive attitude no matter what the circumstances are 



Veterinary Technician

Sam is originally from Cape Cod and recently moved to New Hampshire. In her free time, she enjoys playing guitar and riding horses. Sam graduated from the University of Massachusetts Amherst with a degree in journalism, but her love of animals caused her to change career courses. She is currently enrolled in the veterinary technician at Penn Foster, to further her education in veterinary medicine and receive her Registered Veterinary Technician license. One of Sam's favorite areas of veterinary medicine is pharmaceuticals - she loves learning about different medications and how they can help the body. When not at work you can find her spending time with her two cats, Bruce Wayne and Selina Kyle, and her rescue dog from Russia named Rada. Rada loves to go on hikes, and there are so many options here in New Hampshire for some truly beautiful walks! 

Pet Family: Rada the Russian rescue, Bruce Wayne + Selina Kyle the cats and an adorable horse.

Veterinary Superpower: Knowing exactly what her teammates need before they even have to ask



Veterinary Assistant

Corynn's first experience in the veterinary field was working for a wildlife vet, where she had the opportunity to explore her love for exotic animals such as reptiles and birds. Here at Epping Road Veterinary Hospital Corynn is able to apply her love for domestic pets - cats especially - and is training to become a veterinary technician. When Corynn isn't at work you can find her on exploratory road trips or reaching new high levels in her favorite video games!

Pet Family: Kitties Grumpy, Punkin and Bean, Daisy the dog and Titan - the bearded dragon!

Veterinary Superpower: Her willingness to take on any task!

image1 (2)_edited.jpg


Kennel Assistant

Meet Nicole! Nicole has been working with animals since the age of 16. She is a competitive equestrian, and has competed on a national and international level. Nicole grew up around horses, and became an assistant trainer/instructor at the age of 16. While Nicole loved working with horses, she wanted to try something new and began working with dogs at the age of 20. Nicole loves being around animals, and aims to provide the best care possible. When Nicole is not working, she is either at the gym or with friends! She enjoys going for walks and hikes with her dogs; a 13 year old Jack Russel, an 8 year old black lab, and a 3 year old chocolate lab!

Pet Family: Rocky the jack russell, Emmy the chocolate lab, and Monroe the black lab

Veterinary Superpower: Always being on the ready to provide help and support wherever needed!



Kennel Assistant

Meet Madison! Madison is a New Hampshire seacoast native, with a love for the ocean and forest to prove it. After graduating from Winnacunnet High School, Madison decided to pursue her love for animals as a career, and enthusiastically jumped into the professional world of animal care. Since then she has explored many areas of animal care from doggie daycare to grooming, and finds that veterinary medicine is where her true passion lies. While Madison has a love for all animals, she holds a special place in her heart for senior rescues, having grown up with many adopted senior pets. Now Madison has three cats - Apollo, Nova and Willow, and two dogs - Maya and Bailey, and can be found cuddling them any chance she gets. When she isn’t working or loving on her pets, you can find Madison hiking New Hampshire trails, painting with watercolor, exploring digital design or playing video games.

Pet Family: Cats Apollo, Nova and Willow and dogs Maya and Bailey

Veterinary Superpower: Adaptability, versatility, easily embraces new roles and responsibilities! 



Kennel Assistant

Meet Alyssa! Alyssa is a New Hampshire seacoast native, and has also lived in Texas and Florida. Alyssa decided to pursue her love for animals as a career, and enthusiastically jumped into the professional world of animal care. She previously worked as an assistant dog trainer but has always been more passionate and curious about the veterinary world. Alyssa's dream is to one day open a dog rescue sanctuary. In her free time, Alyssa enjoys finding new trails to hike with her dog and long term girlfriend along with swimming, spending time with her 5 year old niece, friends and reading. 

Pet Family: Cat Fae and Dog Buddy

Veterinary Superpower: Stay tuned!



Client Care Representative 

Say hello to April! April is a New England native, having grown up in Maine and lived throughout the Midwest before settling in New Hampshire. April attended Great Bay Community College with a Vet Tech major. In her free time, April likes to read, listen to music, and dance or take a drive to the beach. 

Pet Family: Two dogs, four cats, and reptiles including bearded dragons 

Veterinary Superpower: Stay tuned!



Client Care Representative 

Say hello to Tiffany! Tiffany is a New England native, having grown up in Massachusetts and lived throughout the northeast her whole life. She recently moved here to New Hampshire with her daughter, and they are both thrilled to begin exploring all the outdoor adventure this beautiful state has to offer. Tiffany received her Associate Degree in animal care from Becker College and comes to us with over thirteen years of experience in the industry! When Tiffany is not at work, you can usually find her immersed in any activity that gets her outside - hiking, biking, kayaking, swimming or even sledding! She and her daughter love to bake and play imaginative games together, as well as enjoy time with their crew of many (and diverse!) pets.

Pet Family: Energetic cats Sparkles and Conway, Blackberry the snack-loving Guinea Pig, hermit crabs Dinosaur and Swirly and a tank full of colorful fish 

Veterinary Superpower: Efficiency, has strong time management skills and can prioritize tasks!

We can't wait to meet you!

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