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Welcome to Epping Road Veterinary Hospital! We're all about reducing veterinary visit stress - not just for your pet, but for YOU as well! We hope that knowing what to expect and understanding how to prepare for your first visit to our hospital will help you and your pet feel comfortable (and excited!) walking through our doors. 

what to expect

What to Expect

We are a fear free veterinary practice, which means we prioritize your pet's emotional well being just as much as we prioritize their physical well being. We want to ensure your pet feels safe and secure while we tend to their physical body. This approach fosters a slower, more in-depth approach to veterinary care.

Explore Our Process:


Our hospital has a large spacious parking lot so parking stress won't be part of your visit to our facility! We have a large grassy area that serves as a perfect last-minute potty spot for our canine patients. Once inside, we have a streamlined check in process that limits your pet's time in the lobby and strives to get you settled into an exam room just moments after arriving. If your pet has a difficult time in the lobby, we invite you to hang tight in your vehicle. Call us upon arrival and we'll alert you when we have your room ready for you!


Once you and your pet are settled in an exam room, one of our veterinary technicians will come in to gather a history and take your pet's vitals. Together your technician and doctor will perform a full physical exam in the room with you, evaluating each of your pet's body systems. Together you'll discuss a treatment plan for the visit.


Once you and your medical team have decided on a treatment plan for the visit, your technician will begin performing the agreed upon treatments. Typically these treatments are done outside of the exam room in our treatment area, however for some of our patients it's most comfortable for everything to be performed in the exam room, which we are more than happy to accommodate.

Next Steps

Once treatments are complete, your doctor and technician will gather any go-home items such as medications, compile a discharge plan and meet with you to go over all at-home instructions. We will carefully outline all the information you need to continue care for your pet following your visit. If any follow up visits are needed we will schedule them at this time. In the days following your visit, we will check in with you about your pet's progress and well-being.

Checking Out

For your convenience, all forms of payment can be processed in your examination room with no need to wait in the lobby after your visit. We aim for stress-free from start to finish!

" Best vet ever, compassionate, caring, professional and proficient. Would highly recommend."

- Dawn J, Google

how to prep pet

How to Prepare Your Pet For Their Visit

Preparing your pet for their upcoming veterinary appointment can greatly reduce their stress surrounding the visit. Many of the preparations you can do on your own, prior to even arriving to our hospital! 

Ways to Prepare Your Pet for the Vet

  • Happy Visits

  • Carrier Exposure

  • Exercise

  • High Value Treats

  • Calming Pheromones

  • Mindful Transport

  • Skip the Lobby

  • Pre-Visit Anxiety Medication

To learn more about each of these recommendations, read our blog post "How to Reduce Your Pet's Fear at the Vet"

"I can't imagine a better team to help take care of our pets. Folks here are always kind, compassionate, and competent. When we brought our first dog for his first visit, the veterinarian got down on the floor to interact with him and make him feel comfortable. Our second dog was very nervous visiting the office. The techs here have helped us set up multiple happy visits to help her get more comfortable.Every time a pup has a health issue, the staff is great about explaining what's happening, our options, and making sure we get them healthy. I really appreciate the high level of care they provide."

- Anaya J, Google


Frequently Asked Questions

What are your hours? We are open Monday through Friday 730am to 6pm. We are closed Saturdays and Sundays.

Do I need an appointment? Yes. We see patients by appointment only and we'd love to get your pet on our calendar! To schedule an appointment please visit our 'Contact Us' page.

What forms of payment do you accept? We accept: - Cash - Visa - Mastercard - Discover - American Express - Care Credit - Checks (under $200) Payment is due at time of services.

Do you offer payment plans? Payment is required at time of service. While we understand emergencies arise, we expect payment at the time of service for routine examinations and procedures. If you have any questions about the cost of an upcoming appointment or procedure for your pet, please call our office in advance and we would be happy to produce an estimate of services for your pet. In cases of emergencies, we encourage families to investigate Care Credit, a third-party payment credit card, as a method to help with unexpected expenses.We also offer Wellness Plans, which can be great options to spread out the cost of services over time. To explore our Wellness Plans please visit our "Services Page"

Do you accept Pet Health Insurance? We are happy to submit a claim on your behalf to your pet insurance. Most pet health insurance works in the form of reimbursement. This means that payment would still be expected at the time of service, and then your insurance company will pay you back for what is covered.

Do you recommend Pet Health Insurance? Yes. Pet Health Insurance is a great way to have coverage for emergencies and unexpected illness visits. For Preventative Care coverage, consider our Wellness Plans! Our Wellness Plans cover routine care, office visits, health screenings, vaccines, and more! Please visit our Services page to learn all about our wellness plans. By signing up for both insurance and a wellness plan, you can rest assured that your pet is covered in almost any circumstance.

What types of pets do you see? We are a small animal practice specializing in dogs and cats. We do not treat exotics, farm animals or wildlife.

When should I spay or neuter my pet? We recommend having your pet spayed/neutered around 6 months of age. It is important to have this procedure performed before a female pet's first heat cycle to limit the risk of mammary cancer later in life. Pet's who are spayed/neutered at this age tend to experience less behavioral issues as well as fewer health concerns. At ERVH, your pet is given an exam prior to surgery to help determine whether your pet is healthy enough to undergo the surgical procedure. Current vaccinations are required at the time of surgery. Also a pre-anesthetic blood screen is recommended prior to undergoing anesthesia and surgery.

What is pre-anesthetic blood screening? This is a blood test that is done prior to any surgical procedure. It tests for the internal organ functions that we cannot see, hear or feel on physical examination, as well as blood cell counts and clotting function. The pre-anesthetic blood screening is done to assure safety during surgery and confirm the ability to heal following surgery.

How long do sutures have to stay in my pet? Typically, sutures are removed after 14 days. However this timeframe varies depending on the particular procedure performed. Our medical team will outline specific recovery timeframe's for your pet at the time of their discharge.

Is it beneficial to allow my pet to have at least one litter? No, there is no advantage to letting your pet have one litter. However, there are plenty of advantages to having your pet spayed or neutered. These advantages include decreasing the chances of mammary tumors later in life, decreasing the chance of cystic ovaries and uterine infections later in life, decreasing the desire to roam the neighborhood, decreasing the incidence of prostate cancer later in life, helping prevent spraying and marking, and also decreases the surplus of unwanted puppies and kittens.

Should I get my pet microchipped? Yes! Pets who have a microchip are 20 times more likely to be returned home if they are ever lost. We offer HomeAgain microchipping in our hospital.

Do you offer house calls? Yes! We believe in making veterinary care convenient for those pets who cannot make it to our facility. We offer services in our client's home or office. There is a travel fee associated with this service based on distance. We would be happy to give you a quote for a house-call visit over the phone.

What food should I feed my pet? Ultimately every pet is an individual, requiring a unique nutrition plan and we are happy to make individualized recommendations during your appointment time. However, we generally recommend Purina Pro Plan, Hill's Science Diet, and Royal Canin pet foods. These companies have a proven record of commitment to pet nutrition as evidenced by their long term pet feeding trials before a product is made available publicly, as well as their commitment to having full time veterinary nutritionists on staff.

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