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Most veterinary drug manufacturers do not work with, nor sell to, third party online pet pharmacies. 

So what does this mean for my pet?

Online pet pharmacies are unable to source their products directly from the product manufacturer, resulting in an un-regulated, questionable product acquisition process. This jeopordizes the safety and integrity of those products that are then sold to you and your pets. 

The solution?

Our very own online pharmacy! Veterinary drug manufacturers DO work with veterinary hospitals like ours, so we're able to provide you with safe, verified pet products sourced directly from their manufacturers. This transaction is regulated to ensure the quality of every product sold. Order from our online pharmacy to enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing your pet's medications and food are safe!

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Available From Our Online Pharmacy

  • Medications

  • Administration Tools (pill pockets, gloves, etc.)

  • Medical Supplies (syringes, needles, etc.​)

  • Parasite Prevention

  • Prescription Dog Food (wet and dry)

  • Prescription Cat Food (wet and dry)

  • Treats

  • Pet Care Products (ear cleaner, shampoo, etc.​)

  • Supplements​

...and more!

"Ordering from the hospital online pharmacy is so convenient! I love having easy access to my dog's medications without having to worry about whether or not the products are safe. I've heard such horror stories about commercial online pet pharmacies and I won't ever go back to using them!"

- Carly, Client

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