Epping Road Veterinary Hospital

120 Epping Road
Exeter, NH 03833



Epping Road Veterinary Hospital  - Tour

We are conveniently located on Epping Road in Exeter, NH.

When you first arrive, we will warmly greet you at our front desk.

We like to have your exam room ready for you when you arrive.  However, we do have a waiting area for times we may need to take a few extra minutes.

We keep a small retail area next to our 3 exam room entrances.

We believe in using species specific rooms whenever possible.  Here is one of our dog exam rooms.

Here we have our second dog exam room.  Our exam table folds up or down depending on the size of your pet.

Here is our cat exam room.  Our patients enjoy gazing out the windows and our species specific rooms following our commitment to fear free visits.

We have a full pharmacy in our hospital to dispense medication at the time of your appointment for your convenience.

We have two procedure tables and an area to keep our hospitalized patients nearby.  Keeping a careful eye on our critical patients and those recovering from procedures, ensures the best care and safety.  This photograph also highlights our primary dental procedure station.

Here is our second treatment area, surgery preparation table and our in-house laboratory.  Our laboratory is able to process a full complete blood cell count, biochemistry analysis and urinalysis.  This allows for results in 10 minutes for our ill and critical patients.

Here is our surgical suite and our therapeutic laser.

We offer digital x-ray imaging in our radiography suite.  Digital radiographs allow for better safety for our patients and staff as well as the ability to send thise digital images to specialists for additional consultation.

Select canine patients may need to be in a more quiet area of the hospital, we have a dog ward designed just for this purpose.

Here is our Cat ward offering a low stress, quiet place for our feline patients.