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Pet Health Insurance 

We believe that pet health insurance is a valuable addition to your veterinary care.  It is a great compliment to our in-house Wellness Plans and can save your dogs life!  Pet health insurance may have wellness benefits; however, most plans are geared to help with the unexpected or emergency visits that may arise over the lifetime of your pet.  This is why we think it makes such a great companion to our Wellness Plans.  Your pets Wellness Plan will cover all of the expected pet care needs-while pet health insurance is there for the unexpected.  Together, you can be sure that your pet is covered for anything that might arise.

There are many options for pet health insurance.  We have listed two great companies who our clients report great satisfaction with.  

Follow this link to learn more about Trupanion

Follow this link to learn more about Embrace

As part of our commitment to customer service, our staff can submit your pet's health insurance forms.  We also facilitate real-time payment from Trupanion during your visit to offset your pet's bill for that day.