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Pet First Aid Tips

The most important thing to do is to stay as calm as possible during times of pet emergencies and consult a veterinary office immediately.  We ALWAYS want to hear from our clients in these times.  Should an emergency arise outside of our office hours, please find our preferred emergency hospital contact information HERE.

We believe that it is always best to be prepared ahead of time in case you and your pet ever find yourselves in an unfortunate circumstance where basic pet first aid is required.  The links below offer great information for pet owners.  Please remember that pet first aid is not a substitute for veterinary care.  However, being prepared to act accordingly when needed may save your pets life until veterinary services can be rendered.

     • A great overview of pet first aid can be found HERE.

     • Having a pet first aid kit handy is a great idea and this CHECKLIST can help making your kit easy.

     • It is good idea to gain familiarity with BASIC PET FIRST AID PROCEDURES.

     • When injuries occur, it is a great idea to have an understanding of safe HANDLING techniques.

     • Of course, TRAVELING with your pet may require different first aid needs or supplies.

     • Also, it's a great idea to have a plan should DISASTER strike!

It is our most sincere hope that you never need to use the above tools and techniques.  Please contact us should you have any questions.