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Our Staff - Epping Road Veterinary Hospital - Exeter, NH


Epping Road Veterinary Hospital - Exeter, NH - Tiffany Chapdelaine, Pet Nurse:

Tiffany Morasse, Pet Nurse

Tiffany grew up in Goffstown, NH and always had a passion for helping animals.  In 2015, she graduated from the University of New Hampshire where she earned degrees in Veterinary Technology and Applied Animal Science (Small Animal Care).  Soon after graduation, she passed her board exams and became a Certified Veterinary Technician (CVT).  Tiffany now lives in Methuen, MA with her husband Jared.  Her furry family members include a Golden Retriever named Lexie and a German Shepard puppy named Odie, and 2 cats named Neko and Charlee.  In her free time she enjoys spending time at her family lake house, hiking, and spending time with family and friends.  Tiffany is an important asset to our team and we often receive compliments about her friendly and helpful nature.  She is always full of sunshine and compassion!

Danylle Hayden, Pet Nurse

Danylle comes to us with nearly 20 years of experience as a veterinary technician.  She grew up in New Hampshire and has dedicated much of her life to providing veterinary care throughout the region.  Danylle lives with her husband Jack, her daughter, three dogs, two cats, two betta fish, and 10 chickens.  Her dogs are Noel, Albert, and Einstein!  Her cats are Flower and Marble.  The fish family members are Fireball and Ginger.  The chickens include Powderpuff, Acorn, Chicken Little, McNugget, Amber, Pearl, Marshmallow, Curly Sue, Skip, and Lilac.  When not busy working, Danylle enjoys biking, running, kayaking, camping, snow shoeing, gardening, weight lifting, travel, and spending time with her family.  Danylle truly has a way with animals, and is very comforting to both pets and their human parents!  She brings with her a wealth of technical expertise and talent as well!  We are pleased to have her on our team! 

Arianna Richard, Pet Nurse

Arianna grew up shy around dogs, as all she had for pets were fish.  After getting her dog Diamond (pictured here) in High School, Arianna began to understand and love the canine species.  She studied with 4 years of Animal Science courses at Pinkerton Academy.  With this foundation, she went onto the Thompson School of Applied Sciences at UNH, where she obtained her degree in Veterinary Technology.  Arianna has been working in the field now for over 3 years and her passion only continues to grow.  She loves seeing the transformation that patients make towards health and being there for patients and clients every step of the way.  When she isn't busy helping a patient, or educating a client, Arianna enjoys playing outside or being at the gym.  You can find her kayaking, hiking, snow shoeing, weight lifting, or just spending time with friends, family, her cute bunny Luke, and beautiful Shepard mix Finley.

Mike Green, Pet Nurse/Manager

Mike grew up in the Lakes Region of New Hampshire.  His  passion for working with animals began when he became  involved with fostering those in need at a wonderful  organization called Peace and Paws Dog Rescue.  This  eventually led to working in a dog daycare at a veterinary  hospital in NH and later grew to two additional support  positions at other clinics.  Mike is so happy to join our  team and embraces common interests with us such as  fear-free practices and low stress handling.  Mike lives  with his wife Morgan, his daughter Adelaide, three cats, and three dogs.  His dog family  members are Emmylou, Maisy, and Opal.  His feline family  members are Stella, Sagan, and Mr. B!  When not at  work, Mike enjoys playing guitar, singing in an Irish pub  band, singing Sanskrit for yoga classes, reading, making  music, and hanging out with his family.  Mike is a  wonderful addition to our hospital family!  He is always  willing to lend an ear and help with anything that is  needed!


Jen Brown, Pet Nurse

Jen has had a life-long passion for animals and has worked in veterinary medicine for nearly two decades!  She has a particular interest in small animal surgery and always enjoys learning new techniques to better serve her patients.  When Jen isn't busy caring for patients at ERVH, she is active in pitbull awareness and competes in AKC conformation.  Jen is the proud mom to Bella, an American Staffordshire Terrier, a Belgian Malinois named Katja who retired from the police force in 2017, and a young French Bulldog named Paisley!  We are so happy that Jen is a member of the ERVH team!

Tamara Carrier-Vallee, Pet Nurse

Tamara's love for animals has been life-long.  She grew up with horses, chickens, goats, dogs, and cats!  Originally from Canada, Tamara moved to the United States when she was young.  She earned her degree in Veterinary Technology from Great Bay College in 2016 and has utilized her skills in both primary care and emergency hospitals.  Tamara loves all aspects of veterinary care but has a passion for surgery.  She is a dedicated and detail-oriented person who is always willing to perform any task assigned to her.  When Tamara isn't busy helping animals, she can be found enjoying the outdoors hiking, kayaking, or fishing. 

Kellie McDermott, Reception/Pet Nurse

Kellie grew up in the North Shore, MA.  She always had a passion for caring for animals, spending a lot of time at her aunt's house who always had lots of animals including: dogs, cats, and even a pet goose!  Kellie has been in a support staff role in the field of veterinary medicine for 4 years and enjoys helping strengthen the doctor, patient, client relationship.  When not working, Kellie enjoys hiking, rollerblading, spending time with friends and family, going to Disney, and spending time in the Lakes Region of NH.  Kellie is the proud mom of her adorable Golden Retriever, Raylee.