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Our Staff - Epping Road Veterinary Hospital - Exeter, NH



Arianna Richard, Pet Nurse

Arianna grew up shy around dogs, as all she had for pets were fish.  After getting her dog Diamond (pictured here) in High School, Arianna began to understand and love the canine species.  She studied with 4 years of Animal Science courses at Pinkerton Academy.  With this foundation, she went onto the Thompson School of Applied Sciences at UNH, where she obtained her degree in Veterinary Technology.  Arianna has been working in the field now for over 3 years and her passion only continues to grow.  She loves seeing the transformation that patients make towards health and being there for patients and clients every step of the way.  When she isn't busy helping a patient, or educating a client, Arianna enjoys playing outside or being at the gym.  You can find her kayaking, hiking, snow shoeing, weight lifting, playing indoor soccer, or just spending time with friends, family, her cute bunny Luke, and beautiful Shepard mix Finley.

Kylie Johnson, Client Service Representative

Kylie is originally from Orefield, Pennsylvania but lived in Colorado most recently.  She has had a fascination with animals since a very young age naming “Crocodile Hunter” Steve Irwin as a big influence. Kylie started working with animals professionally in 2015 by undertaking a pet grooming apprenticeship and attaining her Professional Pet Groomer Certification from Animal Behavior College.  Currently, Kylie resides in Northwood with her boyfriend Matt, his Pitbull mix service dog Babito, and her Australian Shephard Obi-Wan. In her free time Kylie enjoys hiking, hanging out with her dogs, playing Xbox or Nintendo Switch, and reading.  Kylie loves almost anything Star Wars related. She is excited about the opportunity to live in New Hampshire and to continue to work with animals professionally.


Jen Brown, Pet Nurse

Jen has had a life-long passion for animals and has worked in veterinary medicine for nearly two decades!  She has a particular interest in small animal surgery and always enjoys learning new techniques to better serve her patients.  When Jen isn't busy caring for patients at ERVH, she is active in pitbull awareness and competes in AKC conformation.  Jen is the proud mom to Bella, an American Staffordshire Terrier and a young French Bulldog named Paisley!  We are so happy that Jen is a member of the ERVH team!

Andrea CollinsPet Nurse

Andrea has experience in many areas of veterinary medicine and has now worked in the field for many years. She is interested in just about every facet of a veterinary hospital!  When not at work, she enjoys all things old and antique shops, spending time with her family, caring for her menagerie of pets, creativity with home decorating, and gardening.

Tracy KiskoPet Nurse

Tracy has many years of experience as a veterinary technician. We benefit from her different exposures to medicine across the country!  She has worked in the South as well but her heart belongs to New Hampshire and she loves being back in New England!  Tracy has a passion for getting to know cats and the families who love them!  When not at work, Tracy enjoys day trips to Boston, spending time with her family, and gardening.

Liz McLaughlin, Customer Service Supervisor

Liz grew up in Northshore, Massachusetts.  Liz graduated from Northshore Community College earning an Associates degree in Veterinary Technology but spent many years working in other industries before starting her career in veterinary medicine. Liz is truly passionate about creating a great experience for the pet parent when they are seeking veterinary care. Liz currently has 2 dogs, a Boston Terrier named Leroy Brown and a Husky mix named Tucker. Some of her hobbies include cooking and getting outdoors. In her free time, Liz can be found taking long ride in her husband's classic mustang and kayaking the lakes of New Hampshire.

Desiree Starkweather, Pet Nurse

Growing up, Desiree was always amazed by veterinary medicine and has known that she wanted to work with animals since the age of 5!  Desiree graduated from Great Bay Community College in 2020 and passing the Veterinary Technician National Exam later that year to obtain certification.  Soon after, Desiree started her career here at ERVH and continues to excel learning new aspects of veterinary medicine.  When not caring for patients, Desiree enjoys spending time with her loving husband Chris and her 8 fur-children including a bunny named Hazel and 7 guinea pigs (Ella Grace, Willow Rose, Lillianna, Stella, Chloe, Phoebe, and Copperness).

Hilary Hegarty, Pet Nurse

Hilary is from Hampton, NH.  She started her career in veterinary medicine in 2021 and is eager to continue to learn new skills.  Hilary has an extremely energetic cat who keeps her on her toes.  When not at work, Hilary enjoys spending time with family and friends and enjoying outdoor activities including: camping, four wheeling, mudding, and going to the beach!

Aly WilsonPet Nurse

Aly has always loved working with animals and really enjoys the direct connection with her patients.  Aly graduated from UNH in 2019 and passed her exam to obtain certification after graduation.  Aly has a young black lab at home named Badger who always keeps her on her toes!  Aly enjoys hiking, fishing, yoga, and spending time outside!  

JM McNamaraPet Nurse

JM’S favorite thing about Veterinary Medicine is that there are always opportunities to learn more about diseases and how they affect companion animals. She enjoys calming stressed animals, assisting with appointments and surgery when needed.  Outside of work she loves to be outdoors and will often hike, mountain bike and paddleboard. She is a registered yoga teacher and Wilderness First Aid certified. She shares many of her adventures with her 2 teenagers, playing with her 2 Australian Shepherds, Smutty Nose and Maple, and her sweet German Shepherd, Suri. JM also enjoys spending time with her 2 parakeets, Glacier & Goose!

Gracie Knowles, Pet Nurse

Gracie is from Portsmouth, New Hampshire and recently graduated from Drew University where she majored in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology and minored in Public Health. She loves her cat Louie along with her Betta fish Clifford, who she adopted from a lab at school.  Gracie is passionate about animal welfare and understanding zoonotic disease transmission.  She has been involved in wildlife research and rehabilitation and also completed independent research on chipmunks, finding that they may act as a substantial reservoir for Lyme disease-causing bacteria. Gracie is a seasonal naturalist with the Seacoast Science Center and love educating kids about the coastal environment and environmental justice.  In her free time she loves to paint, make jewelry, camp, cook, ride motorcycles, and explore!

Ali LegasseTechnician Assistant

Ali has a diverse and helpful background in the medical field to include work as an EMT and detailed sterile work handling surgical instruments in a human hospital setting. She came to us in 2021 be she’s she has always had a passion for animals. She loves to comfort pets and she is willing to help us keep our facility in top shape!  When not at work, she loves spending time with her fiancé, family, and friends. She also dabbles in camping!

Elie ShapiroClient Service Representative

Elie has a passion for helping animals and the humans who love them!  She originally moved to America when she was 6 years old and has always had a deep love and compassion for animals.  Elie has worked with animals from a young age in diverse settings gaining a wealth of experience.  She is always looking to grow and she loves to learn more about every aspect of veterinary medicine!  Elie lives in Maine with her boyfriend and his son.  When not busy at work, Elie dreams of adding a special feline to her family, or is out playing in nature in NH or Maine with family and friends.

Carly Doyle, Pet Nurse

Carly has been passionately working in animal welfare for many years, specializing in both veterinary medicine and animal sheltering & adoption. She is a graduate of the Fear Free Shelter Program and keeps the comfort of every animal she works with at the forefront of her handling techniques. Throughout her career in the animal world, Carly has come to love and prioritize client education, and is always excited and ready to answer the many questions that pop up throughout pet parenthood. When Carly is not working, you can usually find her either on her yoga mat or outdoors adventuring with her adopted dog, Remy. Carly can't wait to meet you and your pets, and looks forward to supporting you through pet parenthood!