Epping Road Veterinary Hospital

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Housecall Services

Some examples where you may prefer that we come to you:

---You work from home and you are not able to leave home for appointments.

---There are medical issues, disabilities, or mobility issues which prevent travel.

---Your dog or cat has anxiety and feels much more at ease in the home environment.

---It is difficult to get your cat safely into a “cat carrier”.

---You prefer to have as much done for your pet at home as possible.

---Due to your work schedule, you bring your dog to work and you would like us to come to your office.

---Your beloved feline or canine companion is faced with quality of life issues, and you would prefer that euthanasia take place in your home rather than in a clinical setting.

---Your dog is at a local boarding/grooming facility such as The Barking Dog, and you would like us to tend to his/her medical needs at that location while you are at work.

Medication Delivery and Online Pharmacy


At Epping Road Veterinary Hospital, we understand that our clients have busy lives. It is our goal to provide convenience to you in every way possible.  With this in mind, we are proud to announce that we have an online pharmacy as part of our hospital.  The online pharmacy allows you to click on links here, order refills of common medications /foods for your pet, provide payment online, and have these items shipped directly to your home in a timely manner.  Not only does this provide a quick and easy service to you, but you will come away from this pharmacy experience with the confidence that you are getting the correct medications directly from your trusted veterinarians.  In these complicated times, this is so important as we do all of the necessary screening for you.  You no longer have to compromise trust and quality by going to the commercial internet pharmacies.  This really gives you the best of both worlds in that you have online convenience partnered with your family veterinarians.   Please click on the icons/links for this service directly on our website to check it out. 


If you need a medication or food as part of a same-day service because you just realized that you ran out of it, we can also offer home delivery of medication directly from us (within 10 mile radius). To access this service, simply call our hospital to tell us what you need, and we will deliver it to you within one business day.  We also offer the convenience of flat-rate shipping directly from our hospital!