Epping Road Veterinary Hospital

120 Epping Road
Exeter, NH 03833



Fear Free/Cat Friendly Visits

Epping Road Veterinary Hospital is proud to be a FEAR FREE practice!  Our entire staff is dedicated to reducing fear, anxiety, and stress associated with veterinary care.  This involves the use of various tools and tactics to help reduce fear and stress in the environment and during handling for examinations.  All our exam rooms are equipped with a calming pheromone diffuser.  We have Adaptil calming pheromone for dogs and Feliway calming pheromone for cats.  These products are scientifically proven to help reduce fear and stress in patients and they are also located the treatment area for hospitalized pets.  In addition to the pheromone diffuser, our veterinarians and veterinary nurses directly spray their clothing with these calming pheromones for maximum benefit.

Fear Free practice also means working with patients who would rather not be at the hospital to help them enjoy their visits a little more.  This includes lots of positive reinforcement with treats, special holding and touching techniques that help patients feel more secure and less afraid.  We do our best to have exam rooms ready when patients come in the door so they do not have to wait in "high-traffic" areas, such as the waiting room, that may cause stress, anxiety, or fear.  We also have a dedicated cat room for feline visits with a window for cats to look out during examinations.

Despite our best efforts, some patients may still experience fear, anxiety, and stress.    We encourage those pets to come in for “happy visits” where pets come in just for treats without any veterinary services.  For our most severe cases, we may recommend the use of calming medication to use before veterinary visits.  This allows us to have a thorough physical examination and provide all the services your pet needs without causing unnecessary stress.

Most importantly, Fear Free means that all of our staff are trained to recognize and understand both canine and feline  body language signals indicating fear and stress and are equipped with the skills to decrease this fear and stress as much as possible.